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Diesel and Kendra's Pedigrees
Below are Diesel and Kendra’s Pedigrees  
Diesel (Male) is on Top and Kendra (Female) is next.   
Explaination of Recognition or Organization for Each Dog is as Follows:
LVR-Liver; WH-White; TKD-Ticked; PTCHD-Patched  
NA = NAVHDA Natural Ability Test  
UT = NAVHDA Utility Test  
VC = NAVHDA Invitational - Versatile Champion  
AKC = American Kennel Club - JH-Junior Hunter;  
            SH-Senior Hunter; MH-Master Hunter; DC-Dual Champion
OFA = Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Pennhip   
DIESEL's PEDIGREE - FULL NAME: Diesel Anders - WHELP DATE: 07/02/02 - NA Prize I, 112 pts.  - Wht & Liver, Ptchd &  Ticked - Penn Hip - 0.23-L, 0.27-R, Breeder: Terry & Lillian Hansen. Owned by Terry and Terry Peterson

Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents 
Stryker Vom Missouri - NA 112 I, UT 200 II - Pennhip RT & LT. - 0.23 VC Seugenhof Vom Kane-NA 112 I, UT 201 I, IT 200 Pass-OFA GSP-5144G27M-T  Oreo Vom Peripatts CD SH-NA 105 II-OFA GSP-4068E27M
Gerta Vom Seugenhof JH - NA 112 I-OFA GSP-3880G24F
Wind Dancer vom Missouri-NA 92 II, UT 176 III-OFA GSP-6654E43F-T CH Shooting Starr's Top Gun MH - NA 112, UT 193 I-OFA GSP-3605G24M
Klana Quest Vom Missouri- UT 197 II-OFA GSP-4200F81F-T
Wood's Sprite Vom Missouri(dam) VC Dutcmans Prince Jacobi-NA 103 I, UPT 156 None, UT 204 I, IT 196 Pass- OFA GSP-3970G32M Dutchman's Joltin Jake
Princess Essergreif Dixie
Klana Miss Vom Missouri- UT 200 II-OFA GSP-4577G43F-T Spirt of Timmy
Klana Quest Vom Missouri- UT 197 II-OFA GSP-4200F81F-T
KENDRA'S PEDIGREE - FULL NAME: Sharptail's Kendra - WHELP DATE: 03/24/2003 - NA Prize II ,97 pts.  - Liver Roan & Ptchd - Breeder: Wally & Roberta Wahl - Owned by Eric Goetz
Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents 
Krystal Creek's Ace High JH - NA 110 I, UT 197 I, Invitational Participant (sire) VC Shooting Starr's Sharpshooter MH, OFA24G - NA 112 I, UT 204 I CH XCalibur Vom Enzstrand, OFA43G 
Shooting Comet's Hustlin Haily MH, OFA24G- NA 112 I, UT 195 II
VC Hawkeyes 00 Buck KC-SH, OFA26E, NA 106 I, UT 199 I VC Hawkeyes 00 Buck - MH, UT 191 I
Shooting Starr's Sadie Mae-JH, OFA28g- NA 110 I, UT 160 None
VC Sinfad's Andrea - NA 112 I, UPT 201 I, Invitational Pass 200 points (dam) VC Dutchman's Prince Jacobi - OFA32G Dutchman's Joltin Jake 
Princess Essergreif Dixie
Shooting Starr's Hershey Bar JH - NA 107 I  CH Shooting Starr's Top Gun MH - OFA24G - NA 112 I, UT 193 I 
Shooting Starr's Jack Pot MH - OFA25E - NA 92 II