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Sharptail Kennel Purchase Agreement and Bill of Sale

Buyer and Seller Mutually Agree:

  1. The improvement of the German Shorthaired Pointer breed is the prime reason for entering into this agreement.

Seller Guarantees:

  1. The pup is a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer and is eligible for registration with NAVHDA and AKC. The Pups will be registered with NAVHDA and AKC. A copy of correct registration will accompany the pup at time of sale.
  2. The pup is healthy at time of delivery. At the option and expense of the buyer, the pup may be taken to a veterinarian with 48 hours of purchase (excluding weekends). If the pup is found to be unhealthy, the Buyer may receive a 100% refund upon the immediate return of the pup. This of course, does not apply to injury or accident sustained through negligence after the buyer has taken possession of the pup.
  3. The pup is free of hereditary crippling defects detectable by 26 months of age. If such defects appear, one of the following will apply when mutually agreed upon by Buyer and Seller;
    1. Refund of the purchase price provided the pup returned to the seller.
    2. Replacement of the pup provided the first pup is returned to the seller.
    3. In the event of a crippling defect which renders the pup unfit for breeding, but not unfit for hunting, Seller will upon receipt of documentation by a qualified authority, refund 50% of the purchase price to buyer, provided the pup is neutered or spayed, and properly treated for such defect.
  4. The pup has been properly and carefully humanized and socialized, and shows no sign of temperament problems at time of sale.
  5. A copy of The Care and Training of the Versatile Hunting Dog and the NAVHDA Aims and Rules booklet will accompany the pup at the time of sale.
  6. Seller will deliver the pupís registration papers when the following conditions have been met;
    1. The pup is Natural Ability tested with NAVHDA.
    2. The pup, following it's second birthday, is x-rayed, and diagnosed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and a photocopy of the results given to Seller.

Buyer agrees to abide by the terms set forth above.

Seller: Sharptail Kennel

Owners: Wally and Roberta Wahl