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Sharptail Kennel Testimonials

Wally is a top trainer and always trying to better the breed. If you pick one of his puppies, it will be the brag dog of you kennel or hunting camp. My dog lizzy 2 years old will have had over 1000 birds shot over her by the end of this season.
Wally's dogs are unbelievable with natural desire and instincts. There confirmation is second to none. If you are considering a GSP puppy or finished dog, talk to Wally first.
You can call me for a reference Tom Dafnis 605-845-7042 . Sinfad Kennels.

Hello Wally and Roberta, just thought I would drop you a line and say thanks for selling me on of your pups out of ACE and ANNIE. Tucker is turning out to be a wonderful hunting dog and companion. Since sharptail season opened up he just keeps getting better and better.
This weekend was just great on pheasants, three of us got our limits each day we hunted thatís 18 birds, he pointed and retrieved every one , we mostly hunted in thick crp and with out his nose we would have got skunked, as they were holding very tight. one bird after getting wounded didnít go down until 200 yards and dropped in some high grass, but tucker seen where he dropped and a couple of minutes later here he come running with a rooster.
He has so much drive and with his long legs and endless energy he covers a lot of ground ,and when I want him back just a blow on the whistle and he comes right back he's very obedient and a very, very good house dog and he couldn't be more gentle around children.
This week I will be hunting geese and ducks so I will let you know how it goes...thanks again Jim, Karmen and Jake (Siirtola).....

Would just like to thank you and Roberta for the opportunity to own one of your very special GSP. They truly come with great natural ability and personality.
We took our 9-month old out with our son that is just learning to hunt and she did a remarkable job. She had at least 25 solid points. She held on point and stayed until the last bird in the covey was out. She retrieved the pheasants that he shot just like a pro. It sure made hunting for a beginner a great experience.
She is very willing to work and is also a wonderful dog inside the house or out. Her personality is calm inside the house and very aggressive in the field.
Thanks for the opportunity to own one of your dogs. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again, Verna Goetz

I have an 8 month old GSP and "WHAT A DOG SHE IS!"
Her first time out grouse hunting she flushed over 20 birds and 10 pheasants. My dog is from Wally's Ace and his son Dave's Heidi.
Thanks Wally, you made hunting even more fun! If you are looking for a puppy go no further!
Brandon Herda

Dear Wally:
In 13 years of owning and working with German Shorthairs in NAVHDA I've enjoyed shooting over some pretty amazing dogs. As my current dog Mya grew out of the puppy stage I thought - what a beautiful dog! However, she was so laid back I wondered if she had the same hunting intensity I was used to.
This last hunting season answered that question in many ways. For example on one particular 4 day hunt I took her through the toughest CRP I've ever tried to walk. On the final day she went non-stop 6 hours and never slowed down except to look back in surprise to see that I was still able to move. On that same day she held one point for somewhere between 3 1/2 to 5 minutes.
This is a great dog and I am privileged to have her!
Thanks, Bud McDougall

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